Question 1: Are you sure your website is technically optimized for search engines?
Recommendation: If your website is not SEO-friendly (optimized for search engine), you risk losing valuable traffic and business. Your digital marketing efforts will be going to waste because the search engine bots won't be able to index your content.

Question 2: Is your website checked regularly for technical issues that may prevent part of your site from indexation?
Recommendation: Usually more than one person is managing the company website and there's always a possibility that something might lead to an error or de-indexing of a section of the site or slowing down the speed. If the website is an important source of business to you, you'd better make sure that its SEO technical health is regularly monitored.

Question 3: Is your website optimized for browsing on mobile devices?
Recommendation: Mobile searches outnumber desktop searches since mid 2016. Even if conversions are not made via mobile, research usually starts there. Losing mobile users because of non-mobile friendly website is shrinking the top of your sales funnel.