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Craving content with a “WOW!” factor that gets people buzzing?

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Viral marketing, also known as buzz marketing, is one of the most effective ways to get news about your business in front of prospects, and to get them talking about your company in a positive light. To achieve successful buzz marketing, companies create something unique that is designed to grab the attention of the public; the type of content that is highly “pass-on-able.”

Examples of buzz marketing include:

  • Contests
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Videos
  • Useful tools
  • Text that entertains and/or informs
  • And more

As people see this highly unique and creative video, quiz, contest, infographic, or other piece of content begin to spread across the web, they begin talking about it and forwarding it to friends, family members and business colleagues. This process spreads the content’s circle of influence further and further, leading to content that has “gone viral.”

Best of all, buzz marketing also contributes positively to natural link building.

Prior to Google’s major algorithm change, known as Panda, link building was one of the most important strategies in organic search engine optimization. Although its importance has somewhat lessened post-Panda, it is still extremely worthwhile to have quality inbound links pointing at your site. Quite often, your internal viral marketing campaign will naturally create them for you!

Viral marketing strategies involve more than just creating great content; the content also needs to appear where it can easily be seen and passed on.

Carefully crafted viral marketing content can be shared:

  • On Facebook
  • Via Twitter
  • Through other relevant social media channels
  • On the sites/blogs of influencers
  • On your site/blog
  • And more

The Search Guru team creates powerful viral marketing strategies specifically for your business to shine a spotlight on your company and send traffic your way.

The Search Guru does not use a “one size fits all” approach to buzz marketing. Instead, we learn about your specific company, the most important influencers in your space, and your target audience and market, and THEN craft the appropriate strategy.

For more information about putting the “WOW!” factor in your internet viral marketing campaign, contact us to set up your free gift session today.