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Sep 14, 1PM EST

Webinar: Google’s most important algo element for 2022 for SMB: UX in SEO

SMBs secret weapon is Google’s Most Important Algorithm Element for 2022: User Experience (UX). Now sites with lower metrics can beat more experienced domains if their pages are better organized, and keep users more engaged, and on their pages longer. We’ll share how to add user experience to your content efforts to leap over the competition. This is an especially important conversation for highly competitive businesses where many players are investing in digital marketing.

On demand till Sep 25, 2022


Digital marketing trainings for teams of 3 or more people on What’s New and Now in SEO and Content Marketing (book here)


Digital marketing work sessions – a continuation of the Top 3 Issues of B2B Content Marketers research focused on finding solutions for solving for the top 3 digital marketing issues. (book here)

August 17, 2022

Key Principles of a High-Converting Landing Page
Online | 10:00 a.m. CT

Is your website underperforming in conversions compared to its traffic? If you’re not seeing the results you expect and want to improve your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), start with this virtual training to help you understand user behavior, the importance of optimizing your landing pages and the most effective tactics to achieve a higher CRO.

1/25.22  – 1/27.22  


American Marketing Association

The 7th annual American Marketing Association (AMA) conference is coming up January to 25 – 27, 2022 and this year our very own, Leslie Carruthers, The Search Guru’s Founder and President will be speaking at the event.
Leslie’s speech at the conference titled “Google’s most important algorithm element for 2022: UX is now an SEO ranking factor” is one to pay close attention to.
With Google’s Core Vitals update in 2021 the search engine optimization game has changed and on top of content we need to add user experience. That is especially valid for highly competitive businesses where many players are investing in digital marketing. At the AMA conference, Leslie will share some recent examples of how SEO metrics like Domain Authority, backlinks and even content length are not enough and sites with lower metrics can beat more experienced domains if their pages are better organized and keeping users more engaged and longer on their pages.

3/18.21  – 3/25.21 – 4/1.21  

AMA Philly chapter series: Training and Workshop Series: SEO and Content Marketing. 9-10am EST

Talking B2B lead generation via paid and organic social media with an engaged group in the current cohort in Cleveland, Ohio.  We were inspired by how hungry these SMB owners are for new ways to grow their business!

Leslie led the Retail and Ecommerce Forum featuring top content marketing tips and tactics from leading retailer and eCommerce experts. Leslie presented real results from real companies to prove just how amazing content marketing can be and the results it can generate. Attendees had 3 key takeaways: Top retail acquisition and CRM tactics, Examples of strategies that leading retailers are employing right now, and How to identify low-hanging fruit Register for CMWorld for this upcoming year!

Leslie presented about Successful Content Marketing Stories during OverDrive’s Marketing & Sales event at their corporate headquarters. She covered a lot of ground on how to build and convert your audience with content marketing and elements you can plug in to your content marketing plan now to see higher leads and conversions.

Leslie spoke at Power Hour, LLC in Concord, Ohio. She demonstrated simple content strategies that work to increase sales and leads for any business in any industry. Getting found online is all about sharing useful information – that’s why every business needs content. She went over 5 simple ways to develop a content marketing strategy that will bring you results to a group of marketing individuals from many businesses and industries in the Ohio area.

Leslie and her co- presenter, Cassandra Camp from Shopify, facilitated the Retail and Ecommerce Lab featuring top tips and tactics from leading retailer and Ecommerce experts. Together they covered a lot of ground, presenting on how to build and convert an audience of buyers with content marketing and hands-on time to craft elements you can plug in to your content marketing plan now. Register for CMWorld for this upcoming year!

Leslie presented a session at CMWorld 2018 on  A-Z Conversion tracking issues for B2B and how to solve them. Conversion tracking is the rock on which digital marketing is built. Yet, when it comes to proving the ROI of their digital marketing efforts, many B2B companies find themselves struggling to find solid ground. In the session, she shared real world examples to show you how to solve the stickiest conversion tracking problems B2B companies face. Register for CMWorld for this upcoming year!

Leslie delivered the keynote address at the graduation ceremony for Cohort 17 of the Cuyahoga Community College chapter of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. In her speech, Leslie encouraged graduates to continue to carve out time away from their businesses to think strategically about their future growth. With more than 7,000 graduates across the U.S., 10KSB alumni generate $9B in revenue annually and employ 130,000 people.

Leslie Carruthers presented as part of a social media panel for current cohort of Cuyahoga Community College Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. Leslie and her co-presenter, Jennifer Chernisky, founder and CEO of Jennasis and Associates, gave the audience of entrepreneurs an overview of the big five social networks and how to use paid and social strategy to use each to drive business.

Leslie Carruthers spoke at the Hudson Library Morgan Entrepreneurship Center on February 7th, 2018. Leslie demonstrated how data-driven SEO produces nearly perfect strategy, from keyword strategies to demographic targeting to forecasting results. Learn how to leverage your website to reach clients by registering for the event online.

TSG president Leslie Carruthers added her predictions for Content Marketing in 2018 to a recent post on Business 2 Community: (1) Content marketers will allocate more resources to  creating data-driven content based on original research, (2) time for producing and promoting content will increase, and (3) content marketing organizations with a strong mission will see better return on their efforts. Read the full article at

9.5.17 – 9.8.17
Our president, Leslie Carruthers, was a featured speaker at Content Marketing World 2017 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland this September. The track, called Retail and eCommerce Lab, is on September 8 and will cover leading retailer and eCommerce experts. Watch her interview with Thomas Mulready of and register for the conference to learn more.

Leslie Carruthers will share the “Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Business Leads” on May 29th at the Summit on Content Marketing. Access Leslie’s presentation and other great content from the brightest minds in content marketing online here: .

Leslie Carruthers will speak at the Hudson Library Morgan Entrepreneurship Center on March 21st, 2017. 

Charles Montgomery, TSG’s Chief Organic Strategist and local search expert, will be hosting a Beginner’s Guide to Local Search Webinar. Learn how local SEO can help you get new business leads.

9.6.16 – 9.9.16
Our own Leslie Carruthers will be moderating a track at Content Marketing World 2016 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. The track, called Findability, is on September 8 and will cover everything you need to know about SEO and being found on the internet. Watch her interview with Thomas Mulready of and register for the conference to learn more.

Leslie Carruthers and the small business team are headed to the 61st Annual Wheaton Bekins Partnership Conference in sunny Tampa, FL. Attendees will share best practices, celebrate accomplishments, and support the effort to position the moving industry brands for 2016 and beyond.

Author Lisa Dadd interviews people who love what they do for a living. She interviewed Kelly Boyer Sagert for her new book, Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path between Paycheck & Passion.

Trade magazines are business publications specifically targeted for people in a certain industry. Kelly Boyer Sagert shares how to write for them in her new article, Hidden Gems: Publishing in Trade Magazines.

Leslie Carruthers will be moderating a tract at Content Marketing World 2015 at the Cleveland Convention Center in September. This is the premiere event for content marketers, worldwide, with 2,600 people from 50 different countries attending in 2014.

Kelly Boyer Sagert was awarded the 2015 International Writers Association’s Recognition Award for her accomplishments in writing and in assisting other writers achieve their own dreams. This is the first time this award has been given; it will be given out each year, going forward, in April. Congratulations, Kelly!

From May 14-17, the Buckeye Trail Association will perform the play “Trail Magic” in preparation of the PBS documentary release on May 29. The play, written by our own Kelly Boyer Sagert, focuses on Emma Gatewood, the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail.

1.11.15 – 1.14.15
Leslie Carruthers is excited to attend the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show 2015 in NYC! Retail’s Big Show is NRF’s flagship industry event, offering extensive education, thought leadership and networking opportunities. Register for the conference here.

A PBS documentary based on “Trail Magic,” a play written by Kelly Boyer Sagert, received extensive publicity in the Washington Post. The documentary focuses on Emma Gatewood, the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail.