B2B Ecommerce Case Study, ROAS above $102021-06-10T10:26:23+00:00

ROAS above $10B2B Ecommerce Case Study: Return on Ad Spend above $10


A B2B ecommerce brand, operating in a highly competitive industry was skeptical PPC and Shopping ads in Google would be profitable. They new Google Ads is a platform of high competition due to which profits are bound to decrease over time.


  1. We started with Google Ads PPC account audit and ideas for improvements
  2. Next step was to implement the suggested changes
  3. Then we continued with daily review and improvements in account structure. What helped the most was splitting the products in Google Shopping campaign in two groups: ALFA (top performers) and BETA (the rest) players. This allowed us to be more competitive on the products which get the desired results.


Revenue: ⬆ 135.43%
Cost: ⬆ 15.00%
ROAS: ⬆ 104.72%

In 4 months after introducing the new account strategy with only 15% increase in spent we managed to produce over 135% increase in revenue.