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  • B2B Lead Gen LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

B2B Lead Gen LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

What you need to do on LinkedIn to start getting engagement and leads from LinkedIn marketing activities:

  1. Company LinkedIn Page

    • Add all information that is available (header image, page info, buttons, about, #tags)
    • Improve description and use keywords people might find you with
    • Improve images if necessary
    • Make sure as many as possible employees have the company as a position
  2. Personal Profile: Choose one or more personal profiles to work with (personal profiles have much better reach)

    Example using personal profile vs company page

    • Add as much information as possible
    • Improve description and use keywords people might find you with
    • Improve images if necessary
  3. Identify target audience:

    • Business titles used in LinkedIn
    • Company size
    • Industry
    • Interests, etc.
  4. Grow personal profile’s network:

    • Set a daily target of 5-10 people from the target audience and reach out with requests for connections
  5. Engage

    • Engage with the people you’ve identified as prospects from the personal profile’s network:
      • Like their posts
      • Comment where suitable
      • Re-share posts that will be helpful for your network
  6. Posts:

    Example Personal vs. Professional post

    • Post min 2 times per week from the Personal profile
    • Re-share the posts from the Personal profile on the Company’s profile (allow 7 to 10 days before you do that to not overflow followers of both accounts with the same content)
    • It’s recommended that your posts are different in format:
      • A text
      • A video
      • A poll
      • An image
      • A graph
    • Inform other employees when you post so they can engage
    • Try to get as much engagement as possible in the 1st hour of the post — LinkedIn algorithm evaluates a post based on the interactions it gets in the first hour of its life.
    • Reply in timely manner to all comments people add to the post
  7. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

    LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

    Example LinkedIn lead gen ads

    • If you have ad budget, try LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
    • Please note that Lead Gen Forms and other LinkedIn ads work best if in combination with the above organic activities (keeping an active LI profile increases the conversion rate of LI ads)
  8. Create a Follow-up Funnel

    • Connect with anyone who commented/liked the post who is outside your network
    • Send messages to people who interacted with you and you consider as prospects or possible partners.
    • Do your sales magic and enjoy!

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