5 Steps to Get Rid of Poor Performing Marketing Pages, Once and for All

MORE traffic & MORE conversions? Yes, please!

Let’s tackle your B2B marketing landing pages, improving them so they drive more traffic and conversions, now.

Watch our video series as we guide you step-by-step through what it takes to solve any issue you may be having with your web pages. Following these steps guarantees your traffic and conversions improve.

Step 1 – Content for newbies or How not to lose the new comers (70-90% of your traffic).

  • You are likely missing content for newcomers (those buying influencers who are less familiar with your offering, for instance).
  • And when those newcomers bounce back to the Google SERPs (search engine results pages) that hurts your rankings and visibility.

Watch the video and learn what it takes to keep visitors on your page.

Step 2 – Prioritizing content or How to focus on one thing at a time.

You have a lot to say on your website and narrowing down what’s most important can be tricky; you don’t want to overwhelm your page with content, or worse, have too little information.

  • What works is to prioritize and filter content.
  • What your audience is viewing on one screen should only focus on only one thing.
  • The trick is to share your story, step by step, so users can easily follow and not get overwhelmed.

Watch Step 2 and learn what it takes to prioritize your webpage.

Step 3 – Images, copy and video or Why repeating is not bad.

It’s a great idea to use different media to reveal information, as not all visitors are alike.

  • Say the same thing with different media, in different ways.
  • Some visitor prefer to read, others prefer images, many like videos.
  • Using different modalities is best, as people will find what they prefer/is easier for themselves and understand.

Step 4 – FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) or How to serve low priority content (that matters).

If something is important enough to keep on the page, but lower priority, consider putting it in the FAQ section.

  • Leverage great information on your FAQ section and use it to engage, connect and convert your visitors.
  • Yes, don’t pack your main landing page with information, yet leaving out information necessary for the visitor to convert only hurts you. Your best option is to use an FAQ section lower on your page.

Step 5 – How to structure your marketing page.

Learn how to structure your page and improve the UX (User Experience) for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • Separate each section with different backgrounds to break up the content.
  • Talk about one thing at a time, making it easier for your users to follow.
  • Organizing your content in different sections, so your users can easily read and understand your message.

Step 5.1 – Use Video

Having video(s) on your website is the best thing you can do for UX.

  • People are visual, it is easier to watch a movie than read a book.
  • Videos are often the easiest way to share an idea.
  • Videos make your website stand out.
  • Consider providing the major points for your video in the content on the landing page.

Step 5.2 – Consider Icon Usage Carefully:

Icons should speak for themselves, make it easier for the user to understand your message, and to find information on your landing page.

Step 5.3 – Use Testimonials for Social Proof:

Testimonials are your best asset to promote your product and services.

  • A client explaining their interaction with your product or service grabs your users attention.
  • Testimonials are better than marketing copy.

Bonus – Improving UX metrics for workable SEO in 2022:

Google measures the following metrics. By improving them you get more free traffic and rank higher in Google results:

  • Website must be mobile friendly
  • Page loading speed
  • Bouncing back to search results
  • Time spent on site
  • Internal click throughs

Bonus – Where CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO Meet You WIN – Higher Conversion Rates:

When your landing page (and website) answers all the questions users might have (for instance, via FAQs on each key landing page), it provides users everything they might need to know in order to convert for you, and your conversion rate is bound to improve.

Wrapping it up: From Search to Recommendation (or How Google is now a Recommendation Engine):

We know that the best type of traffic a site can get is free traffic (organic traffic from Google). Everyone wants to know how to get more organic traffic to their site. Nowadays, we know that people assume the best stuff is at the top.

Google isn’t actually a search engine anymore. It’s effectively a recommendation engine. Your website needs to:

  • Clearly explain what you offer.
  • Make your page useful for your visitor.
  • Improve your page content metrics by helping people find what they’re looking for on the website, more easily.
  • Organize your information via a better structure.

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