CRO for Credit Union: 5 Ways to Optimize Landing Pages for Generating More New Accounts and Members

Each credit union is not only different than traditional banking and financing, it is different from other credit unions as well. Credit unions must differentiate themselves from other credit unions and banking options. Having a landing page that showcases your strengths and what sets you apart from your competitors is key to generating more leads.

Here are the top five items needed on your credit union landing page to generate more new accounts and members.

  1. Testimonials Testimonials for Credit Unions

Using testimonials is the best way to create trust and affirmation on your credit union landing page.


  1. Call to Action

Call to action buttons (CTAs) are key on any type of landing page to get someone to take an action.


  • Make sure your CTA’s are in first person. (e.g. I want to learn more. Sign me up.)
  • Your CTA buttons should be relevant and prominent enough to grab someone’s attention.
  • Have an interactive call to action button to easily contact your credit union.
  • Don’t limit your site to one call to action button. Use a few call to actions that throughout the page.
  1. Questions / AnswersFAQ for Credit Unions

Displaying common questions from customers with your answers will not only be helpful but keep potential customers on your site longer.


  • Display all of your most common asked questions on your landing page with your answers. Scrolling down is not a problem – it’s best to have all the questions there to keep people on your site.
  • Offer a link to a FAQ to find more questions and answers about your credit union and banking / financing options.
  • Here is an example of a credit union site with questions/answers.
  1. Interest Rates and Details  

The first thing someone sees when they get to your landing page should be what you’re offering.


Credit Unions Interest Rate Table Example

  1. Locally Optimized

Credit unions must ensure their landing pages and websites are locally optimized as possible. Having a locally optimized landing page will allow Google to include you in their Map results. You’ll also show up in searches for people looking for your services when they are closer to your location. (e.g. Someone looking for “personal loans near me” via a mobile device.)


  • List the names, addresses and local phone numbers of all branches.
  • Add your social media icons and contact information.
  • Include your city and state in title tags.
  • Use a consistent name, address and local phone number across directories.
  • To learn more about optimizing your landing page with huge wins and avoiding epic fails, visit our blog.

You can do this and we can help!

By focusing on these top five items on your credit union landing page, it is possible to generate new leads – starting today. If you need help improving your credit union landing page or forming a credit union marketing strategy, please email me at or call my cell directly at 440-463-3871.

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