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On our podcast, Marketing Heroes [Unfiltered] we talk with B2B marketing experts about AI’s profound influence on marketing strategies. Listen for practical insights on the pioneering use of AI in B2B marketing, how generative AI is reshaping engagement paradigms, and how to stay effective and efficient in this dynamic field.

Now, let’s showcase how top B2B marketers are leveraging and thinking about the incredible power of AI.

Index/ TLDR

  • Axel Kirstetter: Listen in as Axel discusses the transformative impact of ChatGPT and generative AI on marketing, and the balance between efficiency and risk.
  • Val DuVernet: Join Val as she emphasizes the necessity of being at the forefront of AI and data usage for superior client services in marketing.
  • Ben Lazar: Catch Ben as he highlights the importance of people-centric growth and digital innovations, including the shift to voice interfaces in marketing.
  • Paul Roetzer: Stay tuned for an upcoming discussion on AI ethics, focusing on transparency and the human element in AI.
  • Cathy McPhillips: Look forward to exploring AI’s role in enhancing customer experience and engagement.

Axel Kirstetter: Unpacking AI’s Transformative Impact in B2B Marketing

Axel Kirstetter, a seasoned marketing professional with a strong background in B2B SaaS has extensive experience in the Regtech and Fintech sectors and is a mentor to dozens. 

Get Axel’s perspective on:

  1. Is ChatGPT disrupting your B2B marketing? Here’s how one expert is adapting to the profound impact of ChatGPT and generative AI on the marketing industry.
  2. The importance of finding a balance between the efficiency AI tools offer and the inherent risks.
  3. How generative AI can disrupt existing businesses, emphasizing the need for companies to take a stand on this technology.
  4. The revolutionary possibilities AI brings to imagery, video production, and other domains.

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Val DuVernet: Leading with AI and Data-Driven Marketing Innovations

Val DuVernet is an e-commerce veteran with vast experience across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C environments. She called out the importance of being on the leading edge in various sectors of marketing, from data usage to AI adoption.

Get Val’s perspective on:

  1. Her passion for ensuring her ventures are at the forefront of their respective domains.
  2. Getting clear on what it takes to achieve that in each of her  key initiatives, such as use of data, AI in B2B Marketing, etc.. 
  3. The aspiration to make her ventures invaluable to customers by delivering top-notch experiences and products.

Find out Val DuVernet’s innovative approaches to AI and customer-centric marketing strategies. Listen to the AI snippet or dive into the episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Subscribe today to stay updated with the latest episodes and insights!

Ben Lazar: Merging People-Centric Strategies with AI Advancements

Ben Lazar, an accomplished business leader with a rich background in IT and marketing. As an early adopter he offers an ideal approach to leveraging what is available to advance your organization’s goals and your career. 

Get Ben’s perspective on:

  • The role of AI tools, such as Chat GPT, in content generation, reflecting on his use of these tools for over 5-6 years.
  • The significant impact of digital innovation over the last twenty years is particularly evident in the current trend of providing software as a service (SaaS)
  • Pivotal moments and strategies that have influenced his career trajectory, emphasizing the significance of people-centric growth, efficient organizational structures, and digital innovations.
  • The upcoming shift from typed to spoken interfaces and the implications for modern marketers and their strategies.

Explore the intersection of leadership and digital innovation with Ben Lazar at Aaliyah Care. Get a taste of the discussion with the AI snippet, or listen the into the full episode for more insights on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Join us on this insightful journey today!

Paul Roetzer: Navigating the Ethics of AI in B2B Marketing

Paul Roetzer, a marketing AI expert and educator, brings a unique perspective to the Marketing Heroes [Unfiltered] podcast. As the founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute, Paul dives deep into the ethical considerations and transformative potential of AI in marketing. His insights are particularly valuable given his extensive experience in digital marketing and his commitment to a human-centered approach to technology.

Highlights from Paul’s Episode:

  • Paul stresses the importance of ethical considerations in AI deployment. He urges marketers to think beyond efficiency and profitability, focusing on the broader impact of AI on society, including privacy concerns and data security.
  • Emphasizing a human-centric perspective, Paul discusses how AI can enhance human creativity and productivity without replacing the human touch. He advocates for AI as a tool to augment human capabilities, not substitute them.
  • Reflecting on the rapid evolution of AI, Paul advises marketers to adapt and evolve their skills. He suggests that marketers should embrace continuous learning and be proactive in understanding and leveraging AI tools.
  • Paul explores how AI is reshaping content creation, from automated writing to data-driven insights. He emphasizes the need for marketers to understand the capabilities and limitations of AI in content generation.
  • Highlighting AI’s role in strategic decision-making, Paul shares how AI can analyze vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights, helping marketers make more informed decisions.

Get a quick insight from  Paul Roetzer the future of AI in marketing by listening to the snippet. For a more understanding, tune into the full episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Dive deep into the evolving world of AI in marketing – don’t miss this fascinating episode!

Cathy McPhillips’ Insights on Leveraging AI in Marketing Workflows

Cathy McPhillips, a seasoned marketing professional, shares her journey and insights in the Marketing Heroes [Unfiltered] podcast. As a key figure at the Marketing AI Institute, Cathy delves into the practical applications of AI in marketing and its role in enhancing personal and professional development.

Highlights from Cathy’s Episode:

  • Cathy discusses how AI tools like Dscript,, and have significantly reduced her workload, allowing her to focus on more creative and strategic tasks. She emphasizes the efficiency gains from AI, particularly in content production and distribution.
  • She underlines the importance of ethical considerations in AI usage. She highlights the Marketing AI Institute’s responsible AI manifesto, advocating for the ethical application of AI in marketing practices.
  • Cathy explores how AI can analyze vast quantities of data for more effective marketing strategies, emphasizing AI’s role in personalization and customer engagement.
  • She stresses the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in a career, particularly in an AI-driven marketing landscape. She encourages embracing new technologies for career advancement.
  • While celebrating the time-saving aspects of AI, Cathy reminds us of the importance of human interaction in marketing, such as customer engagement and relationship  and community building.

Find out more how Cathy McPhillips is using AI as a tool by listen to this snippet. For more understanding on how AI can make more productive  listen to the full episode available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Explore how AI is revolutionizing tools and strategies in our world today. Don’t miss out on these valuable insights! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay Informed and Ethical: Marketers should stay abreast of AI developments and consider the ethical implications of their AI strategies.
  • Embrace AI as a Collaborative Tool: View AI as a partner in enhancing marketing strategies, not as a threat to human roles.
  • Adapt and Upskill: Continuous learning in AI is essential for staying relevant in the evolving marketing landscape.
  • Leverage AI for Strategic Insights: Use AI’s analytical capabilities for deeper insights and more effective marketing strategies.
  • Focus on the Human Element: Despite AI’s advancements, the human element remains crucial in marketing, from creativity to relationship building

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