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Content Strategy

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Ask The Search Guru about content strategy consulting to start reaping those search engine rewards for your business.

Search engine spiders (programs that visit web pages and feed those pages to search engines like Google) are interested in one thing: returning the best possible content each and every time a user inputs a query into a search engine.

Businesses and brands can take advantage of this by adding content that is fresh, original and relevant to their websites. Having a well-optimized content strategy in placeĀ can significantly boost your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), placing your company in front of increasingly larger numbers of potential customers.

From SEO copywriting services to SEO blogging, buzz marketing content and more, The Search Guru creates the content you need.

1) SEO copywriting services: The Search Guru creates keyword-rich, research-based copy that helps your web pages appear higher in the SERPs, makingĀ it easy for customers to order your products and services. Or, you can request SEO training to create an in-house department that handles SEO copywriting services.

2) SEO blogging: Each time that you post relevant content to a corporate blog, you’re giving search engine spiders yet another opportunity to boost your website rankings, in turn placing more content in front of more eyes. Ask us about our full service SEO blogging options or request SEO training for your corporate blog.

3) Buzz marketing content: The Search Guru helps you to create the type of content that gets other people buzzing about your business, sharing the good news about your company. Ask us today about our buzz marketing services.

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