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What’s New and Now in 
Digital Marketing: Free Training

“I know content marketing is important, but I’m not sure where to start with it.”

“Because of COVID we switched resources to digital. We are doing digital marketing activities, but I am not sure which work and which don’t.”

“The sales teams need more leads than we’re giving them right now. We need to keep them full.”

Why do you offer digital marketing trainings for free?

  • We started this series of free trainings and work sessions after the first set of findings from our research: The top 3 issues of b2b Content Marketers. The trainings were a continuation of the research to dig deeper into those issues and see how we can find solutions for them.
  • During lockdown, these training managed to fill a gap and decrease stress levels with fellow marketers, who experienced increased demand for digital marketing knowledge for their teams.
  • We didn’t plan for it, but those sessions also helped us learn a lot about figuring out how to plug in digital channel tactics into existing marketing mixes of established companies, who were recently turning into digital and were operating with limited resources. These solutions are specific for every company and are born only through open discussions.

What will I get out of the free digital marketing training?

  • We invite a team of 3+ people on these trainings.
  • We discuss what has changed in the digital field for the last 1-3 years so you can update your knowledge and strategy.
  • During those sessions we usually identify some quick wins, which are easy to implement.
  • In 80% of the trainings we decide to do follow-up work sessions with 1 or more issues to work on.
  • There we do some prep work by pulling data to support the issue discussion and work together to identify workable solutions for the company.
  • In addition, you’ll get free access to the competitor review and content optimization templates to help you implement easier what you’ve learned on the training.

How do I book a training?

We’d like to invite you for a free digital marketing training for a team of 3 or more people where we’ll discuss what’s new in SEO and Content Marketing and how to turn this knowledge into more business for your company. Use the link below to book a time or discuss more about the training: