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Learn how to increase conversions
with Digital Marketing Training

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about our training session:

“Your copy optimization work and training exceeded our expectations; we are very pleased with the results.”

– Steve August, Operational Vice President of Customer Marketing, Brookstone

The Search Guru customized training sessions will reveal how you can:

  • Drive customers to your site via Organic or Paid Search, Social Media or Email Marketing.
  • Write optimized copy that targets the customers you want by using specialized SEO techniques. Discover how to create effective search engine optimization copywriting.
  • Learn SEO skills. Effective copywriting is just part of the overall strategy. Also learn how to customize your site’s title tags, description meta tags, trackback URLs, permalinks and file names; create link building campaigns and targeted directory descriptions; and more.
  • Pump up sales with Conversion Optimization techniques. Convert local, national and international site visitors to satisfied buyers today.

Register for Digital Marketing training now and learn how to use effective SEO, PPC, Social, CRO techniques to improve your web presence and ROI.

Request customized training from an expert Digital Marketing consultant today. Make your web site relevant to search engines and social media platforms while supporting your sales conversion goals and your marketing return on investment.