Ecommerce PPC Case Study: ROAS >$5 in 3 Months2021-06-10T10:10:13+00:00

ROAS in 3 monthsEcommerce PPC Case Study: ROAS >$5 in 3 Months


A B2C ecommerce brand, selling on Amazon and Ebay wanted to test if Google Ads will be ROAS-positive.


  1. We started with an analysis of the market and the competition.
  2. Then we set up Google Ads and Google Merchant Center in order to be able to launch Google Shopping Ads. We had to revise and fix the Goal and Revenue Tracking in Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  3. Then started the real work with daily improvements in account structure and ads. The best approach we see as showing results is splitting products in Google Shopping in two groups – winners vs. the rest. This allows us to bid more competitively on products which we know are producing the desired outcome.


  • Revenue: ⬆ 13X
  • Cost: ⬆ 3X
  • ROAS: ⬆ 256.37%

Only 3 months after Google Ads management start we were able to meet client’s requirements for return on ad spend (ROAS) which would allow them to invest in Google Ads unlimited budget. In month 3 with 3 times increase in spend, revenue grew over 13 times!