Case Study: Social Content Strategy & Results2018-06-14T21:07:20+00:00

Finance Case Study: Social Content Strategy & Results


In mid-2014, a small financial services company was looking for improved customer acquisition, engagement and applications submitted. The business wanted to focus exclusively on its online channels (i.e. website, social properties).


The Search Guru reviewed their website and social properties and determined that engaging social content would help achieve all of the client’s goals. For 10 months, blog posts, Facebook posts and tweets were published, focused on industry information, education and opinion gathering (via comments).


After 10 months, substantial improvements were realized:

  • 136x more social sharing and 71x more likes
  • 933% increase in social-referred traffic to the website
  • 18% increase in organic search-referred traffic to the website due to the blog posts
  • 36% increase in application submissions