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Moving Case Study: Local Search Strategy Drives Results


The Search Guru is currently partnered with multiple moving and storage companies around the country, with a mission to increase their website traffic and improve online conversions. Here are the most common opportunities TSG sees when engaging with a moving and storage company:

  • Companies are not showing on the first or second search engine results page for related keywords
  • Websites are typically old and outdated
  • Results from print buys are declining as consumers shift their research phase online
  • There is difficulty tracking and analyzing conversions


The Search Guru’s proposed strategy is customized for each client based on their current situation and goals, however, a typical solution includes the following elements:

  • Create a new lead generating website (if needed)
  • Audit the website, including technical assessment and updates, and optimize onsite content
  • Optimize local search elements on an ongoing basis and clean up citations
  • Implement a company blog and provide ongoing content support
  • Develop and execute a custom link acquisition strategy
  • Create and implement a social media strategy
  • Provide monthly reporting for accountability


Specific Company Results in First Year

  • Traffic increases 2-3x within 6-12 months of engaging

Client Testimonials

  • “In just the first 3 months, our leads increased 166% – The Search Guru team delivered beyond what they promised!” – Scott Traylor,
  • “I just love our website now. I can’t praise you guys enough. It’s like you read my mind. I would recommend you guys to any of the Wheaton agents. I do believe that in the long run that when it boils down to it and we begin to grow you’ll be a significant part of it.” – Gary Fletcher,
  • “This October is not normal. We’re really busy– we’re doing a bunch of local business.” – Adam Morgan,