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Are you looking for a Marketing firm that understands what your company needs to succeed with PPC marketing?

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A large regional dental chain with over 80 locations chose The Search Guru to handle their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management – with stellar results. The company’s PPC monthly online appointment requests shot up nearly 4,000% in just 12 months. With a small web presence of fewer than 100 campaign appointment requests a month, The Search Guru achieved a rate of nearly 3,000 monthly appointment requests, resulting in a campaign ROI of $7.

Let us do the same for you! The Search Guru offers comprehensive pay per click services that include:

  • Account overhaul – Your account will be reorganized so that you get the most qualified traffic for your advertising dollar.
  • Ad copy writing – This service will help you attract qualified visitors to your site though your PPC ads. It will make sure your ads have calls to actions (CTAs), benefit statements, qualifying statement and keywords that match what the visitors are looking for.
  • Ongoing pay per click management – The experts at The Search Guru can handle your PPC management so that all you need to worry about is taking care of your customers.
  • Landing page assessment – While the ads will get a visitor to your site, your landing page is what will get them to convert. With this search engine marketing service, you’ll know exactly what changes need made to get the most conversions from your PPC traffic.

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The Search Guru has AdWords Qualified Professionals who are experts with all pay per click services and can help you with your PPC management. With the launch of the PPC advertising campaign, one B2C health care site saw their appointment requests from PPC sources increase by 80%. Contact The Search Guru to discover how we can help your company.

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