Case Study: PPC Fundamentals2021-04-14T13:05:50+00:00

Implementing paid search best practices drives huge top-line increases and return on ad spend gains for this b2b ecommerce brand.

One of our b2b ecommerce client had a low site conversion rate and unsatisfactory return from their PPC campaigns. They offered excellent service and clients were happy, but it was difficult to reach new customers as their market was highly competitive.

The Search Guru analyzed the account and determined that effective management could drive the desired growth and improve return on ad spend (ROAS). The full adherence to paid search best practices included:

  • bid management
  • ad testing and rotation
  • search query reports for negative keyword opportunities
  • creating a more granular campaign structure
  • more intelligent Google Shopping structure
  • quickly and intelligently utilizing new offerings in the ad platforms

While these areas were not entirely neglected previously, coordinated and consistent adherence to PPC fundamentals was necessary to achieve the lofty goals.

Overarching account objectives

  • Increase the return on ad spend of advertising dollars to above $8 in revenue for each $1 spent
  • Maximize revenue for that ROAS and show year over year gains

Working within this framework, The Search Guru blew away expectations and achieved:

  • Increased Revenue:
    • 342.91% increase in yearly revenue, year over year
    • Conversions increased by 1,557.08%
  • Increased ROAS:
    • Averaged between $8-9 ROAS, compared to $2-3 previously
    • Achieved a peak ROAS of $21.00

These are the types of gains business owners dream of; but, after some hard pinching, this client knew he was awake!

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