Case Study: Dynamic Remarketing for High ROI2018-06-14T21:07:20+00:00

Retail Case Study: Dynamic Remarketing for High ROI


An ecommerce client had a constrained marketing budget for many years due to inventory tracking problems. Even with the limited budget, the pay-per-click advertising program run by The Search Guru had resulted in strong returns. In early 2014 the issues were resolved, and more marketing funds were available. This created an opportunity to expand into additional channels, as long as the return on investment (ROI) remained strong.


The Search Guru recommended Dynamic Remarketing as the primary new expansion area, because of its high ROI. After tagging the site for advanced targeting options and building the campaign structure, The Search Guru created the ad templates and set remarketing live.


The campaign was immediately successful and quickly became one of the top performing paid advertising programs. By the end of 2014, Dynamic Remarketing had achieved:

  • $14:1 return on ad spend versus $8:1 for other paid advertising
  • 4th largest traffic source for the site
  • 6th highest revenue generator for the year