Build brand visibility by submitting content to sites accepting guest posts.

You might see phrases like “guest posts wanted” and “accepting guest posts” online. What are guest posts – and why should you write them?

First, the “what.” Guest posts can be articles – or they could be blog posts. In either case, you aren’t writing them for one of your own sites. Instead, you’re writing them for placement on a third-party site.

There are multiple reasons to write and submit guest posts and/or articles. Top reasons include:

  • Guest posting extends the reach of your message and helps to establish you as a subject matter expert; this helps to build brand visibility online, both personal and corporate
  • Guest posting creates pages on other sites that can rank for your name and/or company’s name (important if you’re interested in improving and/or increasing the visibility of your corporate or personal reputation online)
  • Guest posting creates positive mentions of your name/brand on third-party sites that can help push down negative mentions (again, important if you’re focused on improving your corporate or personal reputation online)
  • Guest posting creates the opportunity to gain inbound links from authoritative sources; Google sees inbound links from relevant sites as signs of quality, which can help your own site

Let’s say that you see “guest posts wanted” and “accepting guest posts” all over the Internet. Which opportunities should you pursue?

First, choose blogs or sites that interest you and that cover topics that fit your areas of personal or business expertise. Next, to ensure that you get a good-sized audience for your message, confirm with leading metrics providers (such as that Google is sending large numbers of web searchers to the selected site(s) daily.

If you’re looking to expand your social presence on the web, see if the sites you’ve identified have a large, active social media base, which can help to increase the chances that your content will be shared and that your social media fans and followers will grow as a result.

Once you’ve identified sites where you want to write, check out their guest post guidelines.

Not all sites will have them. But, if guest post guidelines are available, they’re very helpful. They might let you know how long your text should be; how many links you can include (get at least one in an author bio section that links back to your own site); whether or not you should submit an image; and so forth. Following the guest post guidelines can greatly increase your chances of having your post or article accepted.

Once you’ve chosen a site where you plan to submit content, read posts and articles as they are lived on that site and add non-promotional valuable comments to them to get the attention of the blogger/site owner. Once you’ve done this for a while (a minimum of three times), submit your guest blog/article idea according the guidelines provided.

If you get a “yes” from a site and if it’s a good experience for you, then submit additional ideas to that blogger/site owner. Because you’re already established a relationship, it will be easier to get additional “yes” answers at that site – and further build brand visibility.

Do you have more questions about how to build brand visibility through guest posting? Ask your questions here.

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