How do I optimize website content?

Optimizing website content is a data-driven process that starts with keyword research. To start optimizing your content, first check which keywords the page ranks for right now.

  • You can find this information in Google Search Console > Performance > Landing Pages > click on the page URL, then check the queries.
  • Or you can use external tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs or MOZ.

When you see the keywords, you need to choose which of them are relevant to your business.

Then you create a plan for updating the content:

  • will you expand existing paragraphs?
  • add more subtopics?
  • or do you need to rearrange the page layout to move up in the rankings?

When updating your copy, you can also plan for making the page better from a CRO (conversion rate) perspective. Think about:

  • Adding social proof/testimonials to your page
  • Explaining “the process” — what can customers expect from you?
  • Add FAQs — they are excellent for both SEO and CRO
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