What is optimized content?

Optimized content is content that is ranking high in search engine results pages.

Different key terms require different levels of optimization: highly competitive terms require more work, while new/niche/less competitive topics require less optimization.

Depending on competitiveness or a.k.a. “keyword difficulty” of a search term, you might need to:

  • Add multiple subtopics to cover different aspects of the search intent
  • Add image/video content to make the page more appealing to the users
  • Improve on-page elements such as heading structure, alt elements, etc.
  • Work on gaining backlinks for the content or increasing the overall domain authority of the website.

Here’s the template for content optimization we use at TSG – Content Planning and Outlines template, which will help you work on optimizing your content. And feel free to book a free work session with us to discuss the best approach to content optimization based on the resources you have available.

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