Choosing keywords to revise web page content: freshen up your website now

Spring is coming – so it’s time to freshen up your website by once again choosing keywords for your site and updating your web page content.

When was the last time that you conducted keyword research on your site? If the answer is a year – or more – then it’s definitely time to repeat the process. First, rerun all the keyphrases that you’ve been using.

What changes do you notice in your keyword research results? Why do you think those changes are occurring? What do they mean to your business?

For example, perhaps you’ve been featuring the luxury version of your product, because keyword research had previously indicated that there was significant interest in that product line. Perhaps, in today’s more uncertain economy, fewer people are searching for the luxury version of your product – but there is much stronger search traffic now on another product line of yours. How will this change your business – and search – strategies?

If you decide to change the focus of your product promotion, you’ll need to do more than just switch out keywords in your web page content.

If you’ve been touting the exclusive, prestigious nature of your luxury products, you’ll need to change the benefit statements included in your content when you start focusing on more mid-line products. Perhaps you could revise one of your main benefit statements to read this way:

Pamper yourself with the competitively-priced Product A that will make you look and feel great without putting a damper on your budget!

Or, as the economy is improving, the reverse may be true; you may notice that MORE people are wanting a luxury version of your product. So, again, when choosing keywords and revising web page content, keep that in mind.

What about local traffic? Should you be choosing keywords with a geo-targeted focus?

When you first optimized your web page content, you may not have included geo-targeted keyphrases. If your audience largely comes from specific geographical areas, though, you’ll want to revise your text to include appropriate geographical references.

Remember that Wordtracker has a question-based keyword research tool that allows you to see what questions your prospects are asking.

Use this keyword research tool to brainstorm topics for the new editorial you’ll also be adding to freshen up your site.


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