Schema Markup and SEO for Banks, Credit Unions, etc.

What Is Schema?

Schema markup is a form of micro data which allows Google to create rich snippets for its index.

Why Do You Need Schema? markups help index and rank your website better in Google’s results pages (SERPs). It helps with SEO (search engine optimization), CRO (conversion rate optimization) and CTR (click-through rates).

Following up on our discussion with Jim Marous on how banking digitalization is inevitable and beneficial for everyone, we have prepared here some easy to implement examples of marking up your website content so search engines can understand it better and serve users better. (Check out: #ReboundThis with Jim Marous: The Positives from COVID-19 for the Banking Industry & How to Prepare for the Rebound.)

Bank and Credit Union Schema Markup

Here are examples  of schema markups in the college and university space.  Review these for an introduction and let us know if you have questions about your site and industry.

Shortlist of markups to use:

BankorCreditUnion Schema (

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Here’s how Google’s rich snippets look in the search results:

Bank/Credit Union Accordion Snippet in Google:

Bank Schema Markup

Financial Product Schema Markup Example (

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Exchange Rate Specification Schema Example (

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Example Google Search Results: Exchange Rate Specification

exchange rate schema markup example

You can find some more great examples of schema markup which you can use on your website here:

We also recommend adding FAQ sections to your top landing pages so you increase your chances of earning organic traffic. You can read more about why FAQs are important for SEO and CRO and how to make them even better with FAQ schema markup.

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