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Links are the most important SEO factor.
Though, not all links will do you good.


Google’s Page Rank algorithm was developed back in 1996 and meant to rank web pages based on recommendations from other websites (backlinks). Google’s Webmaster Guidelines clearly described what sites needed to do to earn links. But many webmasters chose to take the shortcut and instead of creating high quality content, which will earn links organically, they started link spam activities such as link buying, participation in link schemes, hidden text, doorway pages, etc.

But it all ended with the Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update. Sites that were taking part in link spam suffered badly, lost rankings and some of them went out of business. The moral: Link building has to be done the right way or you can harm your site instead of helping it.

How to Do Link Building Right?

Think about this: what you need to do to make other webmasters want to link to your website? Here are some of the possible answers to this question:

  • Infographic:15 Facts US Manufacturing

    Example of an Infographic, created for a client of ours.

    Useful Resources: Providing valuable information is one of the link building strategies you can think about.
    Example: if you have a video explaining a complicated concept with charts and graphics, this can make other people blogging about the topic, include your video. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to outreach to those bloggers and offer them your resource. Long-form of content such as E-books, Infographics, Research articles are all great link baits. But again, you should spend time promoting this content once it’s ready.

  • Creating a tool or a widget: If you’re able to create a useful tool that helps people, it is very likely that other sites will recommend your resource and link to it.
  • Guest Blogging: Creating content for other sites is an option for earning backlinks and new audience.
  • Answering HARO queries: HARO (Help a reporter out) is a platform that connects journalists with experts. There are more than a hundred queries each day and by following the HARO newsletter and answering queries in your field, you can earn backlinks to your site. HARO can be used in a reverse manner as well — when creating your content, you can ask other experts to contribute and then they might be willing to link back to your resource.
  • Viral Content: Viral marketing, also known as buzz marketing, is one of the most effective ways to get news about your business in front of prospects and get them talking about your company – in fun and interesting ways.

These Link Building strategies will help you get the right type of high-quality links you need to grow your Domain Authority. If you are thinking about getting links easier, e.g. by buying them, that can harm your Domain Authority and then you may need to pay extra fees for clearing your Link profile.

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