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Social Media Management Services

Nearly 20% of time
spent online
in the US
(both desktop and mobile)
is on social platforms.
2/3 of that time is spent on

(*Source: comScore)

Users spend time in Social platforms, that’s why your business need to be there as well. On the other hand, Social signals help Social and Search Engine algorithms measure the importance of a page. Social Media management takes care of both having your business in front of your Social Media audience and making sure your content gets the attention it deserves.

Why Social Traffic is important

Social Platforms have an enormous traffic potential, just like Search Engines, Paid Ad and Email Campaigns. Social Platforms are interesting in terms of getting access to users as audience groups in the Awareness phase of your Sales cycle. If you’re offering a new, unique product, you are not able to advertise it via Search Engine Marketing, simply because no one is searching for it yet. But, if you’ve identified a potential target audience, you can show the product to them by finding them in Social Media.

Why signals from social online networking matter

Social Signals are generated every time you engage with a friend, business or group via social media. Whenever a friend, fan or follower posts something you like, retweet, share or forward, a signal is generated. Search engines like Bing and Google have admitted that they are actively measuring social signals and finding new ways to integrate them into their algorithms for online rankings. If SEO and online rankings are important to you, then so are social signals.

The 4 types of signals from social online networking

Popularity – search engines can count Google +1s, Facebook likes and Twitter tweets when social sharing code is embedded in a page. In areas with high degrees of keyphrase competition, separating what is relevant from what is not via popularity may be more important than traditional factors for online rankings, like link metrics, in the near future.

Shares – search engines can count retweets on Twitter, since information shared on Twitter is open to anyone that hasn’t chosen to protect their tweets. Search engines can also count (public) Facebook and Google+ shares.

Authority – search engines can count how many followers you have on Twitter vs. how many follow you and then make decisions based on the ratio. They can see how many times users have sent tweets to your @username and from how many accounts. The same is true for public shares on other social networks like Pinterest. The number of people repinning and liking your pictures is public, by default.

Comments – search engines can count the number of comments made on blog posts, articles and videos as well as the number of up-votes and thumbs-up on content networks like Reddit, Digg and YouTube. The next step in content valuation is sentiment analysis. Soon, search engines will be able to understand the meaning behind what is being said instead of analyzing which words are being used in conjunction with one another.

Generating social signals through effective online communication

Most marketing messages are decidedly one-way. The best way to generate social signals is to create two-way communications between you and your target audience.

Traditional marketing messages are one-to-many. Social marketing messages may begin life as one-to-many (via a question asked to all followers) but end as one-to-one (via an @reply to a single follower).

A good strategy for generating social signals is to make your messages conversational and commit to participating in the conversation. Reward participants with positive affirmation. Pay forward any shares by sharing the content of those that shared yours. Acknowledge the work of others and thank them for their contributions.

Another great source for generating Social signals is by planning your content to include quotes from other experts in the field. By having other people’s words in your post, you have far greater chances that they’ll share the content. That your chances of reaching your audience will be multiplied.

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