Discover the ideal length for your online content

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Schizophrenic advice about the length of online content We often get asked, “How long should my blog post or article be? What’s the best length?” There is, however, no magic number. Instead, it should be as long as necessary to provide the quality needed in today’s competitive online world. With online content, here’s the reality:


12 ways that clarity is the heart of SEO

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12 Ways that Clarity is the Heart of SEO 1)   Before you ever begin to “SEO” your site, you will need a crystal clear business plan and set of business goals. While search engine optimization can help your site gain visibility and traffic, it can’t create a business for you. 2)   Ensure that your site


Transformational case study examples: use the magic of “because

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Transform case studies with the magic of “because” Let’s say that I’m writing for a health and fitness blog with this audience: women who want to start working out but need motivation. I therefore decide to share the following experience: When I was in high school, our gym teacher told us to jog through nearby


To create more content, should you start working in your sleep?

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More content . . . better content . . . MORE CONTENT . . . BETTER CONTENT It’s as if Google was the super-sized cousin of the Cookie Monster, devouring more and more content while demanding better tasting copy with each chomp and gobble. Yes. As mentioned in our post about writer’s burnout last week,


Tips for creating content that Google rewards, without phone anxiety.

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Creating content that Google rewards – without (too much) phone anxiety In 2014, Google is rewarding quality original copy – and the reality is that, like it or not, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through one particular type of primary source: the phone interview, the cause of anxiety for many writers.


Managing your local listing in Google

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Introduction to Google Local If you provide a service to your local community, then chances are this post is for you. For example, type moving company into Google. What we see in Cleveland will differ greatly from what someone else sees in Miami. This is because Google understands that some queries carry local intent. Queries


Effectively deal with online complaints with this 1-2-3 approach

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How to deal effectively with online complaints and criticisms Recently, a woman accused a Starbucks barista of using caramel to create satanic symbols in two cups of coffee that she’d bought: one was a Pentagram symbol and, the other, 666. She posted her complaint to the Starbucks Facebook page and her post was liked and


Break through writer’s block with these helpful writing techniques.

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The dreaded writer’s block – and ways to smash through the barriers If you ask 100 people how to define writer’s block and/or what causes the blockage, you’ll get at least 101 answers, ranging from those who don’t believe in the phenomenon to those who have elaborate theories on the subject. When making the case

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Editing and proofreading expert K.D. Sullivan shares tips & experiences

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The Search Guru chats with K.D. Sullivan, CEO of Untreed Reads Publishing For four years, I edited a full-color print magazine, one that was costly to produce. The tone of the publication was friendly, cheerful, upbeat and neighborly, while the audience consisted largely of conservative women in their 50s. In one issue, we were including


3 Mobile Ecommerce Optimization Tests You Need to Be Running

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Content strategy: does outrageous behavior reap rewards online? For content creators and marketers – to paraphrase Charles Dickens’ book, Tale of Two Cities, now in the public domain – it is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness. It’s the