SEO and web marketing teams: collaborating on Internet marketing strategy.

Discover how SEO and web marketing work hand in hand to boost success: what your marketing department needs to know about SEO.

When your company is looking to hire a search engine optimization company, the marketing department might be just a little bit reluctant. Know two things:

  • That can happen – and it isn’t a reason to panic
  • A collaboration between SEO and web marketing teams is one of the most powerful ways to supercharge your site’s strength and success

From time to time, a marketing team member might worry that collaboration with a search engine optimization company could cause his or her job to be in jeopardy. You can reassure that team member that SEO doesn’t replace the need for an internal Internet marketing strategy and team.

Your marketing team is the expert, go-to resource in your company, while professional SEO supplements the spectacular efforts of this department, to get even more eyeballs on your company’s page/site.

When talking to your marketing team about SEO and web marketing, do some myth busting.

Some team members might believe that search companies focus on creating content for the search engines – and that’s not true. An effective search engine optimization company that follows best practices will tell you:

  • To write for people first
  • To write for search engines second
  • If something wouldn’t make sense to a human being, then it doesn’t belong in the Internet marketing strategy/SEO strategy

In other words, a best practices search company will help your marketing team make their excellent content and promotions search-engine friendly, without making this content less appealing to human beings. The bottom line: MORE people will see the great content crafted by your expert marketing team.

SEO and Internet marketing collaborations: here are reasonable questions for your marketing team to ask a search engine optimization company:

1)   Have you collaborated with marketing departments/public relations firms for clients in the past? If so, in what ways?

2)   What results can you share from those collaborations?

3)   Can we get references from companies with which you collaborated?

4)   What about Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues? How can you assist in our Internet marketing strategy in those areas?

5)   What is your philosophy about writing for search engines versus writing for human beings?

6)   What if our marketing department is overworked? In what other ways can you collaborate with us?

7)   Can you train our marketing team how to optimize copy and otherwise use SEO techniques so that we can develop an in-house SEO department?

If you’d like to talk more about how SEO and Internet marketing complement each other, contact The Search Guru today!

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