Social media in business: using social networking for business to find influencers.

Influencers can affect the opinions and buying decisions of your customers. Discover what types of influencers there are and why using social networking for business is necessary to identify them.

Before social media dominated consumers’ time online, with 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online on Facebook, marketers were primarily concerned with demographics such as what part of the country their prospects lived in, what television shows they watched and what publications they read.

Because people are spending more and more time on Facebook, marketers have changed their focus, spending an increasing amount of time using social media in business as a tool to connect with potential customers. Marketers have also learned that influencers facilitate connections between brand and customer.

Chances are, your company has a Facebook page and Twitter account. If not, and you are reading this blog, you’re probably wondering if both should be part of your social media marketing for business plan. The answer is yes! So, what’s next?

While creating social media accounts and seeding each with content is a straightforward process, gaining friends and followers is not.

Most businesses plateau at certain number of fans and followers and struggle with a plan to further grow their audience. Promotions, contests, quality content, engagement – all of these things can be mastered by your staff and, still, fan and follower count growth can be slow. Does that matter? Well, yes.

While fan and follower counts (the measure of how large your audience is in social media) aren’t everything to businesses, these metrics are certainly very important to influencers.

Uncover the benefits of using social networking for business by identifying your market influencers.

Market influencers are people who have large spheres of influence and / or demonstrate a high degree of commitment to communication. They can be automotive bloggers like Matt Farah, reality TV stars such as Kim Kardashian or anything in between.

It’s been well publicized that Kim Kardashian has been paid $10,000 for a single tweet. With over 15,000,000 followers, the potential to reach that many people for that amount of money might seem like a bargain to some and a gamble to others.

Not every business, though, can afford $10,000 for a single message. The good news is, using social networking for business can be free.

And, the truth is, your market influencers are probably neither Mr. Farah nor Ms. Kardashian. So how do you find influential people that can help sing the praises of your company or brand?

Social media in business has many applications. The use of social media to identify, contact and pitch influencers is amongst its best and most valuable functions.

There are as many different types of influencers as there are Baskin-Robbins flavors (probably more). The best way to select an influencer type is by the goal of your promotion.

If you’re having a sale …

Look for an influencer that has the ability to change tastes. If your customers typically buy one brand but you’re having a sale on another, try reaching out to an influencer that’s a trendsetter. Celebrities, subject matter experts and newsmakers typically fall into this category.

If you’re trying to get your (non-profit, event date, public service) message out …

Look for influencers that socialize heavily. You’ll want to look for a voice that’s heard often and on many channels. Look for someone who gives and takes. Niche industry bloggers, fan site webmasters and sometimes even activists fall into this category.

If you are new to social media and looking to build an engaged audience …

Look for witty conversationalists or engaging artists. If you like reading what they write or otherwise create, chances are, other people will as well. These people may be comedians, authors, cartoonists or something similar.

If you have a promotion that you think could go viral …

Look for influencers who are broadcasters. These are people who get new information first and share only the best of what they hear with their audiences. Gossip bloggers, editors / power users at news aggregators like Reddit and YouTube video stars are all potential candidates.

Your social media marketing for business plan needs to include influencer identification. Once you’ve identified your influencers, here are your next steps.

Contact your influencers via email, directly. Be honest and state what you need and ask if they’d be receptive to giving it to you. Offer them something valuable in exchange for their cooperation.

Tailor each promotion to the influencer’s audience. Remember, these are his/her fans and followers you are reaching out to, not yours.

Measure the reach of your engagement by providing the influencer with a unique URL or with a unique phone number to use in your promotion.

Social media marketing for business is made most effective via influencer outreach.

Contact The Search Guru today for a personalized plan that will not only help you identify future market influencers, but also reach out to current influencers in your industry.

Not everyone can or should be a social media marketing for business expert. Let the pros at The Search Guru teach you how it’s done. Contact us today or feel free to ask questions about identifying and contacting market influencers below.

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