Website analysis and competitive intelligence: let us supercharge your site!

Does your website have a case of the blahs? Here’s the prescription for success: a website analysis – and some competitive intelligence, too!

You know the symptoms. Your website traffic is sluggish – and nothing that you’ve tried has boosted its health. At The Search Guru, our SEO experts have helped countless companies – many of them just like yours – diagnose what’s ailing their websites and then ramp up their effectiveness, through a combination of:

  • a thorough, personalized website analysis, where we review the backend of your website, its content, keyword strategy, internal linking structure and more; our social media services team will also review the effectiveness of your social media strategy
  • detailed recommendations for your site, based on the results of our website analysis, designed to increase targeted traffic, conversions and sales
  • a competitive intelligence report on two of your fiercest online competitors, where we let you know what they’re doing wrong and what they’re doing right – from a technical perspective, a content and keyword perspective and a social media services perspective
  • detailed recommendations for your site, based on the results of our competitive intelligence services, so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that they’re missing out on

Wondering how much information you’ll get from a website analysis from The Search Guru? You’ll find clear and actionable info, with sections focusing on:

  • crawl status for search engine spiders
  • index analysis and recommendations
  • in-depth code review
  • optimization tag review
  • navigation assessment
  • site visibility
  • link popularity
  • inclusion in major directories
  • and much, much more

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