What is optimized content?

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Optimized content is content that is ranking high in search engine results pages. Different key terms require different levels of optimization: highly competitive terms require more work, while new/niche/less competitive topics require less optimization. Depending on competitiveness or a.k.a. "keyword difficulty" of a search term, you might need to: Add multiple subtopics to cover

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How do I optimize website content?

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Optimizing website content is a data-driven process that starts with keyword research. To start optimizing your content, first check which keywords the page ranks for right now. You can find this information in Google Search Console > Performance > Landing Pages > click on the page URL, then check the queries. Or you can

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Is there an easy way to improve my Link profile?

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On average we find 1/4 to 1/3 broken links when reviewing a company's backlink profile - wrong redirects, 404 pages, pages with no content. So, here's the easy fix - you can improve your Link profile and Domain authority by regularly auditing your link profile and fixing any errors that may appear.

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Is long content user-friendly?

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Designers and marketers sometimes get scared that their pages become too long and want to cut out stuff to make it more user-friendly. Well, this is not exactly the best thing you can do. On your money page (the page where you want your visitors to convert (in 95% of cases this is your

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