Online advertising trends: a steady increase in search based advertising

Online advertising trends: a recent eMarketer report suggests a steady increase in search based advertising.

In fact, an analysis of these online advertising trends by Online Media Daily states that marketers will actually “rely more on search marketing as many become cautious about spending and look for methods to prove that campaigns work.”

More specifically, eMarketer projects the following spending figures for paid listings, contextual text links and pay for inclusion combined:

  • 2007: $8.8 billion (actual)
  • 2008: $10.7 billion (estimated)
  • 2009: $12.3 billion (projected)
  • 2010: $13.9 billion (projected)
  • 2011: $15.6 billion (projected)
  • 2012: $17.7 billion (projected)
  • 2013: $19.5 billion (projected)

What are the benefits of search based advertising for your company?

Here are five key benefits of search engine advertising:

  1. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.
  2. You can geographically target where you want your ads to appear.
  3. With search based advertising, the ads appear on web sites containing relevant content.
  4. You can choose the maximum amount that you wish to spend each month.
  5. Online Media Daily, citing Microsoft and Epsilon, note a significant connection between ad spends and organic search engine optimization success. “A reduction in display ad spending,” writes Online Media Daily, “also can ambush search spending. Since display ads help feed both search queries and clicks, fewer display placements could result in fewer successful search-based sales.”
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