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Growing Leads and Revenue for Credit Unions like Yours

digital marketing for credit union

You need a digital marketing partner that understands the Credit Union marketing challenges you face.

Your credit union is not only different than traditional banks and financial institutions, it’s different than every other credit union out there. You need to showcase your differences and strengths to product more leads and to convert them to members (sales).

What would 12-40%* Growth mean for you?

This is the average growth Year over Year (YOY) for TSG clients

Experience Helping Credit Union Leaders Win without Guesswork:

Assets of more than $250M to $10.5B

  • Step 1: Set growth goals
  • Step 2: Generate the plan to achieve your goals
  • Step 3: Track the program and results

Setting the bar
“TSG set the bar really high. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and I have told that to my network, peers and community. We have seen dramatic increases in site traffic and conversion rates, and most importantly, we are more accessible to our entire community.”

  • Revenue: ⬆ 342.91%
  • ROAS (avg): ⬆ 324.79%

Chris Eichman, Marketing Communications Manager, Bostik​

Comprehensive marketing services for your Credit Union

Advertising (Paid Social / Paid Search)

TSG partners with you and your team to build and execute a custom paid search and social strategy focused on driving the conversions grow your credit union, not just the conversions that are easiest to get. Our experts stay on top of all changes in digital advertising tools and will help you raise your return on ad spend (ROAS) by 2-3 times*


50% of our revenue comes from PPC  management by TSG

“Lately, around 50% of our revenue has been directly attributed to the paid search efforts performed by The Search Guru. I consider 30% a good target for that metric and with your help we have soared way past that!”

Armon Drysdale, Digital Marketing Manager at Bresco Inc.

Content Strategy and SEO

Drive referral traffic and SEO by getting other webmasters to link to your website. Our clients see organic traffic growth rising by 20-30% YOY*

Conversion Rate

Is your conversion rate less than the industry average 1.5-2%? Be a top converting site – we’ll show you how. TSG partners with you and your team to build and execute a custom paid search strategy focused on driving the conversions to grow your credit union, not just the conversions that are easiest to get.

Mobile Optimization

Are you sure you are getting the most from your top pages with Google’s mobile-first indexation? TSG will help optimize your site for mobile users.

Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics

Make sense of your traffic data, and use those findings to understand your members, inform your strategy and drive additional high-quality leads.

Local Search

Don’t miss the opportunities present in your own backyard. Optimize your local SEO to drive traffic from individuals with offices in your city.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with your current members and turn leads into members. We help you build an email strategy that drives sales.

Your Credit Union marketing strategy in the hands of experts

The Search Guru makes digital marketing a competitive advantage by connecting your credit union with the right people, at the right time, with the right message and right technology to grow.

TSG successful grows Credit Unions:

  • Driving Membership
  • Increasing Share of Wallet
  • Winning Loans
  • Growing Accounts
  • Getting more Credit card applications

Get Credit Union digital marketing that drives more results now!

Don’t miss out on another lead! Call us to discover what The Search Guru’s Credit Union marketing services can do for you.