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You need a digital marketing partner that understands the B2B marketing challenges you face.

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We’ve been there. You need to produce a bigger volume of better leads, and to convert those leads into sales. You also know that if you’re going to meet or beat these goals, conventional approaches to marketing aren’t going to cut it.

What would 31% more traffic mean for your business?

Bostik, a global manufacturer of adhesive technologies used across a wide range of sectors including construction, automotive, aerospace, rail, packaging, tapes, labels, flexible lamination and footwear industries engaged with TSG for digital marketing strategy and support. After six months of service, Bostik.com/US experienced:

  • 31% YOY increase in total traffic increased after 6 months of service
  • 27.5% YOY increase in organic traffic after 6 months of service
  • Increase in Domain Authority from 61 to 68

Setting the Bar

“TSG set the bar really high. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and I have told that to my network, peers and community. The technical consulting was particularly productive, uncovering up to then unknown issues, and guiding us through what it would take to address them.”

Chris Eichman, Marketing Communications Manager, Bostik​

Comprehensive B2B marketing services for your business

Content Strategy

B2B content creation is notoriously difficult to outsource, which usually means struggling to squeeze content from internal experts who have limited time. TSG will work with you to create and execute a B2B content strategy that drives business results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

89% of B2B buyers researching a new product or service start in organic search. You need a partner that can help your company identify the technical issues that are holding you back, and build the foundation you need to rank for critical search queries.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Is your conversion rate less than the industry average 1.5-2%? Be a top converting site – we’ll show you how.

Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics

Make sense of your traffic data, and use those findings to understand your buyers, inform your strategy and drive additional high-quality leads.

Paid Search Advertising

TSG partners with you and your team to build and execute a custom paid search strategy focused on driving the conversions grow your business, not just the conversions that are easiest to get.

Social Media and Paid Social Media

Social media, both organic social media and paid social media, is one of the fastest growing, and fastest changing channels for B2B sales. You customers spend 20% of their time online on social media. We help you build a social media strategy that drives sales.

Link Acquisition

Drive referral traffic and SEO by getting other webmasters to link to your website.

Local Search

Don’t miss the opportunities present in your own backyard. Optimize your local SEO to drive traffic from individuals with offices in your city.

Your B2B digital marketing in the hands of experts

A TSG client was experiencing a low conversion rate and decreasing organic website traffic. TSG performed a competitive analysis that identified key areas of improvements and road map for the future. In the months following the improvements, the client experienced:

  • 39.1% increase in organic traffic
  • 48.7% increase in organic revenue
  • 77.8% increase in desktop and
  • 441.9% increase in mobile conversion rate

Get B2B digital marketing that drives business results now!

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