Find the courage to write: author Ralph Keyes provides direction and hope

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Finding the courage to write “I worry that I’m not good enough,” says Joy Bautista Collado, although she can’t define precisely why. “I need courage.” And, even though other people encourage her to write, she doesn’t try to publish much because of her fear. “My biggest insecurity,” the writer from the Philippines confides, “is that


Over-confidence is one of deadly sins of writing: tips on managing your ego.

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Deadly sin of over-confidence: managing your ego Now, I usually don’t brag. I really don’t. But, in this post, I’m going to do so, openly and without shame. Through my entire elementary school career, I was the spelling bee champion. Yes, I was. Without question. I didn’t just win some of the weekly spelling bees.

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How to critique writing effectively: find tips from professionals.

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How to critique writing effectively Last week, our blog post on critiquing focused on: finding the right critique partner(s) for your writing helping you to eliminate feelings of defensiveness to get the most out of the feedback provided This week, we’re turning the topic upside down and sharing tips on how to provide quality feedback


Writing mentors: read examples of positive mentoring relationships

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Celebrating writing mentors Recently, the head of the Cleveland Job Bank, Kelly Blazek, made the news – at first locally and then nationally and then internationally – for writing harsh responses to younger job seekers. The story has even apparently qualified as Hollywood gossip; been dubbed “BlazekGate”; risen to the level of a top trending


Finding expert sources can feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to be hard

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Catch 22: expert sources or engagement first? At first glance, the formula for creating great content (that can be promoted on social media channels) might look simple and straightforward: Google likes and rewards websites with quality content Therefore, I will write quality content for my blog One of the best ways to create quality content


Discover the power of storytelling in your blog, marketing copy and more.

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The power of storytelling in your online copy When I was young, I wasn’t allowed to play in our front yard. I couldn’t choose when I could – or couldn’t – flush the toilet. I wasn’t allowed to turn up the music and just dance, either. Now before you think that I had a deprived


A defense of jargon in quality content: did we just say that?

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Defending jargon as part of quality content (sort of) In 1981, my sister and I went to the movie theater to see Stripes, a film starring Bill Murray and co-starring Harold Ramis. Murray plays a character whose life was going nowhere: he’d just lost his job, his car was being repossessed and his girlfriend was


Website analysis and competitive intelligence: let us supercharge your site!

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Does your website have a case of the blahs? Here’s the prescription for success: a website analysis – and some competitive intelligence, too! You know the symptoms. Your website traffic is sluggish – and nothing that you’ve tried has boosted its health. At The Search Guru, our SEO experts have helped countless companies – many