[New Research] What Works and What Doesn’t Work in Content Marketing

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How do you know if you’re doing content marketing right? How do you know if you’re creating the right content to fuel the complexities of your sales cycles? Not sure? You’re not alone.About this data: MethodologyThe recent survey, “What Works and What Doesn’t in Content Marketing,” launched via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & E-mail, was designed


Discover how to show empathy in writing and why it’s important

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Empathy: ability to understand the feelings (wants/needs) of another person I have a friend named Barbie whom I’ve known my entire life. I literally can’t remember not knowing her. She and I both live near Cleveland, which means we both have experienced plenty of frigid winters – and one thing we have in common is that


StoryBranding takes a fresh look at brand marketing strategies

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Storybranding If, in 1891, you were suffering from a “bilious” or “nervous” disorder, apparently all you needed to do was take Beecham’s Pills, the “most marvelous antidote yet discovered.” In fact, it would also take care of your weak stomach, sick headache, impaired digestion, constipation and disordered liver. Wow. What a deal! Better yet, this

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Overcoming burnout: recognizing and dealing with symptoms of burnout

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Tips and strategies for writers from around the web for overcoming burnout   When you’re excited about a new writing project, you’ll probably have so many great ideas that your fingers can’t type fast enough to capture all of your thoughts – but that’s okay because you’ve got lots of adrenaline to keep you going.


Belief-proof your marketing copy with these ten tips

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Belief-proof your marketing copy Our high school was putting on the musical, “No, No, Nanette.” While others vied for acting and singing parts, I knew exactly what I wanted: to be the pit orchestra’s only flautist. I was happy when that happened – plus, my good friend Megan was playing first violin. The two of


Improve your writing structure by boosting the muddle in the middle

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Improve your writing structure: fixing the muddle in the middle In 2006, I needed to start writing optimized blog posts for a client in the car sales industry. I wanted to write something better than what currently existed in that online space, so I looked for blogs from competitors and: There wasn’t much out there.


Extrovert vs. introvert: is being introverted a challenge for writers?

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Any time writers get together, it seems that someone brings up the “problem” of being an introvert. After all, they say – quite accurately – writers also need to promote their work, unquestionably an uncomfortable activity for many introverts. Moreover, when using primary sources, the tool is usually the interview – which involves contacting and


Craft an appealing writing structure with captivating opening lines

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Romance your reader with captivating opening lines Studies into speed dating, where people seeking a relationship meet multiple potential partners in a short amount of time, suggest that two people tend to “click” – or “not click” – within a matter of seconds. Why? It’s hard to say. Maybe it’s her laugh or his eyes.


Subject matter experts: tips on finding & choosing expert sources

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Subject  matter experts: how to find and choose expert sources Talk about a story that gives you the shivers . . . in 2012, Forbes shared the tale of Ryan Holiday, a “self-styled ‘media manipulator’” who was quoted numerous times in print and online publications. Here’s the problem: “He is not an expert in barefoot


Breaking writing rules: when is it okay, if ever?

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Breaking writing rules: is it ever okay? In 11th and 12th grade, 20 or so students from my class were able to take a computer programming class – learning Fortran and Cobol – back when programming meant typing each individual command on an individual manila punch card and then feeding a thick set of these