Google officially changes its position on links’ role in site rankings.

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Google officially changes its position on the importance of links in ranking – and Erik Baeumlisberger from The Search Guru noticed it first. On June 18th, Erik discovered a big change at Google. In the past, Google had advised webmasters that increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages could improve the


Social media in business: using social networking for business to find influencers.

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Influencers can affect the opinions and buying decisions of your customers. Discover what types of influencers there are and why using social networking for business is necessary to identify them. Before social media dominated consumers’ time online, with 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online on Facebook, marketers were primarily concerned with demographics such


Google Alert: it’s not enough to just set up Google Alerts. Find out more.

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Google Alert: discover numerous new ways to use the search giant’s free service to help your business and/or personal brand. Ways in which these alerts are typically used include: To receive news on topics of interest, perhaps because they’re important to your business, because you blog about cutting-edge developments in a particular field and so


Google Places SEO: Optimize Google Places business listing for Google+ Local.

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Google Places for Business is now part of Google+. Optimize your Google Places listing today to take full advantage of new Google Places SEO ranking factors. Google’s recent announcement that Google Places for Business would become part of Google+ has caused some confusion. At present, the switch from Google Places for Business to Google+ Local


Build brand visibility by submitting content to sites accepting guest posts.

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You might see phrases like “guest posts wanted” and “accepting guest posts” online. What are guest posts – and why should you write them? First, the “what.” Guest posts can be articles – or they could be blog posts. In either case, you aren’t writing them for one of your own sites. Instead, you’re writing

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