Google Shopping feed management: how to thrive during this Google update.

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Google Shopping transition and what this means for your site: are you ready? One of this year’s most important Google update is happening right now, and if you haven’t started reacting, you’re already behind. I’m talking of course about the change from free Product Search to paid Google Shopping. Previously, participation in shopping results in


Book writing for buzz marketing puts you on the fast track to success.

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Book writing for buzz: fast track success by hiring a ghostwriter You’ve got terrific original ideas and plenty of knowledge to share. You’ve tried to position yourself as an online expert to capture your share of that elusive but oh, so glorious buzz – but, so far, no luck (or perhaps you simply don’t have


Search engine optimization news: get SEO advice on Google Webmaster Tools.

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Webmaster Tools Google update: the search giant makes some important changes to Google Webmaster Tools. Things are ever changing in the SEO world. Today we’re reporting some recent search engine optimization news that involves updates and improvements to Google’s free Webmaster Tools. Keep reading for free SEO advice! Webmaster Tools: Google now provides indexing trends


How Google now rewards quality content online: find out more.

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A look at how Google is now rewarding quality content online On August 6, 2013, Google released information about its in-depth articles. With this new feature, when people search on broad topics – such as “education,” “censorship” or, oddly enough, “Bob Dylan” – a couple of articles (typically three to date, but this may change)


Viral blog post business case study: discover more about viral content.

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Viral blog post mini-business case study: The Search Guru dissects what makes a post or series catch on fire and spread throughout the Internet. Let’s face it. Nobody can predict, with certainty, which blog posts will become popular, much less ones that go viral, being spread from person to person via social media sharing and


Google officially changes its position on links’ role in site rankings.

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Google officially changes its position on the importance of links in ranking – and Erik Baeumlisberger from The Search Guru noticed it first. On June 18th, Erik discovered a big change at Google. In the past, Google had advised webmasters that increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages could improve the


SEO basics: Domain authority and keywords are important for Google traffic

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Getting back to SEO basics! Today, let’s talk about some basic building blocks of SEO and how monitoring our competitors can help us spot weaknesses in our own sites. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, receive huge numbers of queries every day, as people type terms into their search engine


Social media in business: using social networking for business to find influencers.

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Influencers can affect the opinions and buying decisions of your customers. Discover what types of influencers there are and why using social networking for business is necessary to identify them. Before social media dominated consumers’ time online, with 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online on Facebook, marketers were primarily concerned with demographics such