Google’s Mobile First Index Quick Takeaways

Late last year, there was an announcement made by Google regarding their mobile-first index initiative.  This will become their primary index moving forward.  This update is the latest in a push from Google to encourage webmasters to prioritize mobile sites over desktop sites.   The majority of searches occur via mobile devices (60% according to

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3 Mobile Ecommerce Optimization Tests You Need to Be Running

No matter which industry you're in, if you're a business that sells products online, your ecommerce conversion rate is one of the most valuable pieces of data available to you. After all, this number is a loud and clear reflection of your ability to turn passive shoppers into active paying customers. How’s that for powerful? Mobile

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Google ranking on facts, not links? You’d better audit your fact checking!

If you’ve been reading about Knowledge-Based Trust (also called the “Truth Algorithm”), you know that Google has looked into ranking websites based on the factual information it contains, either instead of – or more likely in addition to – rewarding sites with quality links pointing to the site. Google engineers published a paper about this technology on

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Creating content isn’t enough: writing to an audience is key in 2014.

2014: the Year of the Audience In multiple places online, 2013 was proclaimed to be the year of the content writer – or something similar. And, you wouldn’t have gotten any argument from me, or probably from any other content producer. Instead, we got to puff out our collective chests, print out these articles and

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How is the content of a Google Knowledge Graph determined? See our thoughts.

Overview of the Google Knowledge Graph On May 16, 2012, Google announced the debut of their Knowledge Graph in the United States, which is a conglomerate of related information found in the right-hand margin of a search engine results page when you conduct a search in Google. This information is gathered by Google from a

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Bolster your holiday Internet marketing strategy with effective PPC marketing

PPC marketing strategy: Incorporating paid search into your holiday Internet marketing strategy As an online marketer, the holiday shopping season seems to start earlier each year; that’s because, in many respects, it does. Advertisers push the bar by offering sales and other promotions earlier and earlier every year. For all practical purposes, you should consider

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Try these free writing tools to improve your blogging

Improve blogging with these free writing tools Free Images Make your blog posts more appealing by including eye-catching images. If you don’t have much of a budget, use Google to find royalty-free ones (but we advise further copyright verification). 1)   Search on Google images for what you need (let’s say, a happy writer): 2)   Choose

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Value content quality over quantity: experts share why

Rare consensus: content quality over quantity We’ve all heard some version of this old joke: put ten experts in a room and you’ll get eleven different points of view. And, it’s largely true – in part because each human being has his or her own perspective. It’s also true because, in today’s noisy online world,

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Discover the ideal length for your online content

Schizophrenic advice about the length of online content We often get asked, “How long should my blog post or article be? What’s the best length?” There is, however, no magic number. Instead, it should be as long as necessary to provide the quality needed in today’s competitive online world. With online content, here’s the reality:

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12 ways that clarity is the heart of SEO

12 Ways that Clarity is the Heart of SEO 1)   Before you ever begin to “SEO” your site, you will need a crystal clear business plan and set of business goals. While search engine optimization can help your site gain visibility and traffic, it can’t create a business for you. 2)   Ensure that your site

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