[New Research] What Works and What Doesn’t Work in Content Marketing

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How do you know if you’re doing content marketing right? How do you know if you’re creating the right content to fuel the complexities of your sales cycles? Not sure? You’re not alone.About this data: MethodologyThe recent survey, “What Works and What Doesn’t in Content Marketing,” launched via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & E-mail, was designed


CRO for Credit Union: 5 Ways to Optimize Landing Pages for Generating More New Accounts and Members

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Each credit union is not only different than traditional banking and financing, it is different from other credit unions as well. Credit unions must differentiate themselves from other credit unions and banking options. Having a landing page that showcases your strengths and what sets you apart from your competitors is key to generating more leads.

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Discover how to show empathy in writing and why it’s important

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Empathy: ability to understand the feelings (wants/needs) of another person I have a friend named Barbie whom I’ve known my entire life. I literally can’t remember not knowing her. She and I both live near Cleveland, which means we both have experienced plenty of frigid winters – and one thing we have in common is that


How effective listening skills are at the core of SEO

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Effective listening skills are at the core of SEO "I make progress by having people around me who are smarter than I am and listening to them. And I assume that everyone is smarter about something than I am.” Henry J. Kaiser Listening served Kaiser well. He became known as the father of modern American

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News about journalism and content marketing: what’s the ideal mix?

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Boy, were we happy to read “How Hiring a Journalist Can Improve Your Content Marketing” by Robert McGuire (March 31, 2015) on the Content Marketing Institute website. We’ve been advocating the use of professional journalism techniques in content marketing since at least 2013 and it is wonderful validation to read this recommendation on a well-respected


Improve your writing structure by boosting the muddle in the middle

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Improve your writing structure: fixing the muddle in the middle In 2006, I needed to start writing optimized blog posts for a client in the car sales industry. I wanted to write something better than what currently existed in that online space, so I looked for blogs from competitors and: There wasn’t much out there.


Subject matter experts: tips on finding & choosing expert sources

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Subject  matter experts: how to find and choose expert sources Talk about a story that gives you the shivers . . . in 2012, Forbes shared the tale of Ryan Holiday, a “self-styled ‘media manipulator’” who was quoted numerous times in print and online publications. Here’s the problem: “He is not an expert in barefoot


Ethics in writing: how to balance personal and journalistic ethics.

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Ethics in writing: where is the line in the sand? Isaac, a high school senior, was dying of leukemia. He wished, with all of his heart, to survive long enough to graduate. I learned about Isaac when my newspaper editor called me and said that I needed to be at the football field where his


Over-confidence is one of deadly sins of writing: tips on managing your ego.

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Deadly sin of over-confidence: managing your ego Now, I usually don’t brag. I really don’t. But, in this post, I’m going to do so, openly and without shame. Through my entire elementary school career, I was the spelling bee champion. Yes, I was. Without question. I didn’t just win some of the weekly spelling bees.

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How to critique writing effectively: find tips from professionals.

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How to critique writing effectively Last week, our blog post on critiquing focused on: finding the right critique partner(s) for your writing helping you to eliminate feelings of defensiveness to get the most out of the feedback provided This week, we’re turning the topic upside down and sharing tips on how to provide quality feedback