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SEO Best Practices

If your aim is to improve search engine placement for your website, then you need to make sure that you are working hand in hand with your SEO company to ensure that your SEO strategy is not compromised by an unintended mistake. Here is a list of things you should never do without telling your SEO consultant first:

Change or delete URLs

Your SEO company are also your link building consultants. And they will tell you that nothing is more detrimental to a link building campaign than a URL that has a link to it suddenly becoming unavailable. Before you change or delete any URLs, inform your search engine optimization consultant. They can work with you to make sure that these URLs are changed as efficiently as possible so that their effectiveness in your SEO strategy is not lost and they continue to improve search engine placement.

Pursue links back to your site

There are many things that link building consultants look at when looking for good, high quality links. It can be difficult for someone who is not experienced in link building to know or understand all of the elements of that make a good link for a site. Perusing links without the advice of link building consultants could result in you wasting your time, your money or worse, damaging your efforts to improve search engine placement.

Modify or delete copy

Part of a winning SEO strategy is carefully crafted optimized copy. While it may seem like a small change would not be a big deal, changing the wrong word or phrase can render that highly effective search optimized copy utterly useless. If you are not satisfied with the copy, your SEO company can work with you to change the copy to your liking without compromising the optimization.

Engage in other SEO services outside of your hired SEO company

Your search engine optimization consultant knows a significant amount about your site and how to improve search engine placement for your site, but if you use an SEO service that your SEO company does not know about, the two could work at odds with each other. Or worse, the SEO service that you pay a quick one time fee for could cause your site to become penalized or banned.

Change your domain

Perhaps one of the most tricky things you can do in an SEO strategy is to attempt to move a site without losing your search engine placement. Doing this without working closely with your search engine optimization consultant will spell catastrophe for your website. This applies to any kind of domain name change, even if you are only changing a .net to a .com. For information on moving a site less than one year old, view our resources here.

Make changes to robots.txt, sitemap.xml or .htaccess

If you make changes to any of these files, you need to let your SEO company know. These files have direct bearing on your SEO strategy. Changes to them can change how search engines crawl, index and rank your site.

Change code

Your search engine optimization consultant will happily work with your development company to make sure that any changes to your site’s code will work well with search engines and help to improve search engine placement. Some kinds of code can make it difficult for search engines to crawl and understand your site, so it is important that you tell your SEO company when you plan on making changes to your site’s code.

Forget to mention when the site has had trouble

If your server goes down or you are having trouble with coding errors, let your SEO company know this. These kinds of issues can affect traffic levels, conversion rates and indexing. It will help prevent your search engine optimization consultant from thinking that your SEO strategy needs to be tweaked due to poor performance, when it fact it was only a temporary hiccup in your site’s operation.

Hire a design or development firm for a site redesign

While you are free to hire any company you wish to for design or development of your website, working with your search engine optimization consultant during this process will save you many headaches in the future. Your search engine optimization firm can make sure your designer’s or developer’s impact on your efforts to improve search engine placement for your site is helpful instead of hurtful.

As your search engine optimization firm, The Search Guru wants to make sure that your SEO strategy is working as best as it possibly can. It is vitally important that your keep us updated on changes or issue to your site. Together, we can turn your site into a power performer.

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